Everything Is Due Today

Filling out my faculty activity report, due today. Everything is due today. I would like to stop working for the day, but not yet. Still, at least all the work seems to be adding up to actually accomplishing things, which is nice.


Please provide a summary statement (a short paragraph) of your salient faculty activities this academic year:

“In addition to publishing the short fiction mentioned above, I have recently completed a new Sri Lankan cookbook, _Vegan Serendib_, to be published November 2022, and have received an Illinois Arts Council grant to support writing related food essays. In October 2022, Riverdale Avenue Books will be publishing my Cancer Log and re-publishing the accompanying book of fiction and poetry, Perennial; in Spring 2023, Riverdale Avenue and Constellation Press will be publishing my short story collection, Jump Space.

Some of my service time has gone towards developing the Portolan Project at the SLF, with 38 episodes of the podcast in its first season, and helping to develop 13 modules so far, with plans to expand dramatically beyond that; using Khan Academy as a model, we hope to offer free resources to help readers and writers who don’t have access to traditional education for financial or other reasons. The rest of my service time has been swallowed up by service on the school board, which has been both time-consuming and demanding.”

You may use this space to share or contextualize any other information related to your faculty activities this past year:

“It is frankly astonishing that any of us got anything done during this pandemic, but apparently, I took refuge in work this year, as this may be my most productive year ever.”


(Cat pic to show what I’d *like* to be doing right now…)

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