Garden Log 4/15/22

It’s sort of funny how different this fabric looks in my basement as opposed to on the first floor, although I think that’s mostly a photography light artifact — the purple is closer to the actual color than the blue!

I could have turned this into a long runner too, like the Unicorn Woods fabric, but I don’t actually need a second long runner, so I literally just hemmed a yard of linen-cotton canvas ($29), to make a quick tablecloth. (15 minutes, start-to-finish?)

It’s pretty short, just covering a 6′ table — it might be fun to add a border to this at some point to lengthen it a little all around. But it works well enough, and it’s nice that this pattern is closer to omnidirectional.

This is part of my native garden line — not that I actually have a line yet! I guess it can be the first in the line. 🙂

But I’d like to do a bunch of botanical designs featuring native plants, and this would be one of them — it’s based on morningstar sedge, which is my favorite sedge, because it looks like little weapons. Also known as Gray’s sedge, Carex grayi.

(Locals, if you want some, I can probably dig up and divide some in a month or so. It spreads slowly in our gardens.)

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