Mourning the Loss of Red Mango

Kavi has been invited to a birthday party that is apparently taking place on a party bus, and she needed a formal dress for it, so we did a quick run down to the mall at Cermak, where there are many affordable teen prom-type dresses at Windsor, and she found something she liked pretty quickly, yay, and then we treated ourselves to frozen yogurt together (did I hear right that there’s finally going to be a new frozen yogurt place in Oak Park? Kavi has been mourning the loss of Red Mango for some time now), and it was all just lovely.

Nice to have a little time to spend with my child, even if I am also bewildered by the idea of 14-year-olds dressing up and having a birthday party on a party bus. I gather they will be making stops at a cupcake place and such? Funny. 🙂

(My frozen yogurt is on the left — I made it very Easter-y.)

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