Engineering Ants

D.C. Trip — we brought the kids a game, Engineering Ants, that we’d gotten for our kids but somehow never gotten around to playing; I didn’t actually play with them, but Kavi helped them open it and play, and they seemed to be having fun. Veera is definitely the builder in the family right now — once they’d won the game part, she was happy to just keep building.

Tagore, as I said before, is more of a game player (seen here with Unstable Unicorns). And they’d both big readers, which is lovely.

Undoubtedly some of the credit for that goes to their parents who have been much better about restricting screen time than Kevin and I were — in retrospect, I think that’s one of the big parenting things we would do differently if we could go back; not trying to keep them off screens entirely, but limiting them more, especialy when the kids were young, so they could spend more time running around, generating their own fun, and of course, reading.

Ah well. Our kids seem to be turning out fine, thankfully, even if we did basically give them unlimited access to this incredibly addictive modern technology that no human child generation before this has ever had to cope with….

Random photo of a D.C. robin — I think they must just see a LOT of tourists, because the birds here seem much less skittish than the ones in our neighborhood. I can walk right up to them and take pics!

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