Fantasy Casting is Fun

Finished Bridgerton with Kavi this morning. Love the Sharma girls, totally want to cast them in my SF series. (No, I don’t have a TV / movie deal, but I’m planning to work on drafting screenplays this summer, you never know….)

Simone Ashley (Kate Sharma) would make a fabulous doctor in space — I think she’d be great as Narita, from _The Stars Change_ and upcoming _Jump Space_, and also a cameo in unpublished novel _Liminal Space_. I wonder if she’d be comfortable being in a romantic relationship with a woman on screen. Hmm…

Charithra Chandran (Edwina Sharma) might actually work well for my lead in Liminal Space — Maya is a young, grief-stricken doctor at the start of the series, and Charithra would fit in that role really well.

Fantasy casting is fun. 🙂

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