Post-ICFA Follow-Up Post

Random post-ICFA follow-up questions and notes:

– I’m taking the kids to my sister Sharms Murraj‘s place in D.C. April 2nd weekend — not sure if I’ll have much time for seeing folks, but if you’re a friend in D.C., let me know? (I know Benjamin is going to be there for a few months soon, but I think he’s not there yet at that point…?) Maybe we can meet up at a museum or some such. I was thinking the kids might really like The Smithsonian’s Castle and the gardens there (

– I’m going to a friend’s house in Highlands, New Jersey for a writing retreat in April (around the weekend of the 9th), and will likely be doing a day in New York City. Priority is seeing my sister Mir Mo Ga and meeting with my agent / editor if possible at all, but I might have time for a meal or a coffee or a drink with friends? Ping me if you’d like to meet up! Ellen D. and Sheila W., I’ll be e-mailing you shortly, so you can just wait for that. 🙂 Sam J. Miller? Bo Bolander, are you in NY? Missed you both at ICFA this year!

– I also think I should probably start planning to just go to New York more often — is there a SF/F convention that happens there that I don’t know about? Or one that happens regularly nearby? I know there’s the KGB reading series, so I could potentially go out to read at that, are there other reading series / literary events I should be checking out? I mean, it’s New York, there must be a ton… If you’re an academic or someone who runs such a thing who could invite me out, please keep me in mind!

– anyone in the Skiffy community able to hook me up with Stephen Donaldson’s e-mail? We weren’t able to schedule an interview at ICFA, and I’d really like to do one with him (yes, I’m a fan of his work, yes, even despite the rapey stuff, it’s complicated), and he isn’t sure how much he’ll be travelling the next year, but is available for a Zoom interview, and he said some of our mutual ICFA friends should be able to put us in touch (we were chatting at the omelette bar with plates in hand and no pens or paper to write down contact info), so if that’s you, please let me know

– I don’t know if I’ll be travelling in June / July, but have a tentative plan to take the kids to New Britain, CT to visit the parents for a week or two. Might combine that with a visit to Boston and/or Philly? Someone remind me if there are conventions there in the summer that I could hook into? I know physical ReaderCon is taking a break in 2022, coming back in 2023… (June, preferably, as July I’d rather travel somewhere cool, maybe Bay Area or Portland or Seattle)

– Vegan Serendib is tentatively scheduled for full-on release in early October (same time as my cancer memoir and the reissue of Perennial), which I am HOPING is early enough that we don’t have a wave of COVID coming back with the cool weather and bookstores and libraries are still doing events. I tried to get it out sooner, but it just wasn’t happening, alas — and I do think cookbooks coming out around then makes some sense as people start looking ahead to huddling in for the winter and cooking fabulous things. So if your city wasn’t mentioned on this list, and you’d like me to come out, do feel free to drop a note in comments, as we’ll be starting to put together the book tour schedule soon….

– Kickstarter backers received their Vegan Serendib galley copy PDF yesterday, so I hope they’re enjoying them and are going to start cooking ASAP! They’ll get pre-launch print copies by late spring, fingers crossed!

– Pic of my breakfast, eggs hollandaise over Canadian bacon. I’ve eaten half of that now, will have the other half reheated for lunch later, I suspect, but now, to writing…

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