Fulfilling Patreon Orders With a Valiant Team

Could not have fulfilled the Earth tier Patreon orders without my valiant Serendib House team! Labelling, wrapping, and packing everything took four hours with four people (plus a lunch break in the middle, takeout Thai from White Crane because there was no way I was cooking lunch for the team today).

I think we mostly have this process pretty smooth at this point, and only spent fifteen minutes troubleshooting how an extra shipping label just appeared out of nowhere. (We think we figured it out. Eventually.)

Afterwards, we had a nice cup of tea (see the pretty blooming flower in the lovely glass teapot! Christmas present for me from Stephanie 🙂 ), and then I sent them home with the extra cookies, marshmallows, scones, chocolates, etc…

Working here does come with some perks!

(Editing to note that we’re still masking here for team meetings, I just hadn’t put my mask back on yet after lunch in that first photo. Not sure when we’ll stop masking. Maybe when the under-5s get their vaccination. Maybe when it gets over 51F regularly outside and transmission rates really drop. We’ll see.)

(Upper tiers, I *think* I’ll be ready to ship yours out next Tuesday, fingers crossed.)

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