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Thrilled to announce that my story, “Hush,” is now live at, with a gorgeous illustration by Mary Haasdyk. In this story, a woman tries to get a young girl home safely, in the midst of civil unrest. I wrote it over a year ago; it’s a little unnerving to me how relevant it is to matters in the Ukraine right now — but I’m not particularly prescient. Sadly, we have been contending with this sort of issue for a long, long time.

On a personal note, this publication is a big deal for me. In science fiction, is one of the top markets in terms of both pay and prestige, and this is my first time publishing with them. Stories published here frequently go on to win Hugo and Nebula Awards. So I hope you have a chance to read this story, and if you love it, do keep it in mind when award nomination season rolls around next year. 🙂

And finally, if you love science fiction like this, and want to encourage writers across the world to write more of it, please take a look at the SLF’s membership drive, running now. We’re trying to build out a host of resources for writers and readers, including the Portolan Project, providing free creative writing lessons to anyone, anywhere.

(I almost forgot to say thank you to the many first readers who have given me feedback on this story as well as many others in my Jump Space universe. Thank you!)


Read the story here:

Check out the membership drive here:

More about the Portolan Project here:

To read more Jump Space stories set in the same universe, visit my web page:

A linked collection (titled Jump Space) will be coming out from Constellation Press and Riverdale Avenue Press, I think in spring 2023, though the date isn’t finalized yet. 🙂 I’m very close to done writing a novel set in this universe too…exciting.

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