Mary Anne Tries to Sew Herself a Swim Suit — and Succeeds, Part 5

(Please ignore all the chaos in my basement, we are still putting away Christmas, yay.)

So, I sewed the bottoms, tried them on, they fit reasonably well too, hooray for stretchy fabric. Added the bands to top piece and bottom piece, tried it on, and it fit fine, I could totally wear it.

BUT. The bottoms went up about an inch higher than I wanted. So you know what, people? While Kevin and I watched the first episode of Picard (good, enjoyed it, kind of loved the Ready Room episode that followed mostly because Whoopi Goldberg did a lovely piece on how she was inspired by Nichelle Nichols and Uhura, highly recommended for all Trek fans), I actually unpicked the entire band from the bottoms. Because the whole point of this was to be able to customize, right?

And then I cut an inch off, and reattached the band, and I’m happier with the size now. When I get a chance, I’ll take that inch off the paper pattern too, so it’s all set for the next time I want to make a suit.

I’d say overall, it fits fine, I think — as well as any store-bought suit ever fit, anyway. I’m a little worried that the bands are not quite tight enough to stay on securely for actual swimming — I’m going to test that out at the Y this week, so if you see my boob slipping out, neighbors, please avert your eyes while I fix it. There are instructions for adjusting that in the pattern if I need to.

So mostly, I think I managed to sew myself a swimsuit, and it was good? It took about twice as long as I thought it would, so I’m glad I didn’t try to get anything else accomplished today. Lots of TV and sewing. Made some pasta with grilled shrimp in a spicy tomato-cream sauce for dinner, remembered to exercise, watered the plants. That’s about it. Not a bad Sunday.

And if I have a chance, maybe I’ll sew up a coordinating cover-up in time to wear the suit at ICFA. 🙂 That will be much easier. Big rectangle of fabric!

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