Garden Log 3/7/22

This is your annual reminder that even though it’s snowing today after a warm spell, all your early spring flowers will be fine. The snowdrops will be fine. The viburnum buds will be fine. The little daffodil and tulip shoots you see peeping up will be fine. If it were a really hard and extended frost, we could, I admit, lose some buds on flowering trees, leading to loss of fruit on any fruit trees, but that’s very rare, and it looks like it’s not happening this year, so the flowering & fruit trees will be fine.

This is a good time to make a cup of tea, and cup it gently in your hands, and gaze out your window at the nice insulating layer of snow that will actually protect your flowers from nighttime frosts, AND will melt and save you from needing to water the garden anytime soon.

Did you know that in Holland, they actually spray the tulips with water so they’ll freeze encased in ice, to protect them? Gardeners do the same thing with fruit trees too.

It will be fine.

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