Spoiled for Choice

Same post as previously, Asian edition:

I need to schedule a bunch of SF/F writers, editors, etc. for both the podcast and our new Saturday panel series (think of it as a distributed convention!). I’m honestly a little spoiled for choice — I know SO MANY great people in the field, and I’m getting a little paralyzed trying to figure out whom to contact to be on various panels.

I also realized that while I read quite widely, it’s entirely possible I’ve missed some great folks, especially newer folks. So I want to build up some lists of recommendations, and I want to hit various diverse populations as part of that.

So here’s the first one — what living Asian (South Asian, SE Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islander) spec lit. writers do you love and/or consider essential / exciting / etc.? I’d love to see award winners, but also anyone you’re passionate about. People who are firmly embedded in genre are great, but I’m also open to people who publish speculative work in mainstream venues.

While we’re at it, I’d also like to hear recommendations for Asian & PI editors, agents, librarians, game designers, comic writers & artists.

(Note: ‘living’ as a criteria.)

Photo for the algorithm — Aryabhata, who is not sleeping but demonstrates that you can be ALMOST asleep most of the time, which is almost as good.

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