Questions for Swimmers

Questions for swimmers below, but first, note to self: Even if you arrive at the pool literally 7 minutes before the end of the session, you can get three laps in, and three laps are better than nothing. You will be glad you did them. Also, sessions end at 8:45, not at 9. Remember that for next time, and don’t be so slow getting out the door! Snow on the ground is no excuse, if you’re really going to get on a daily swimming schedule.

Here’s a question for those who swim regularly. My skin is already prone to dryness. Spam me with your skin / hair products that help (my hair is thick and curly) with daily swimming. Also, any other tips to get the most out of regular swimming? Other products you find helpful? Best swimsuits? Do I really need to wear a swim cap if I’m not going for speed? Etc….

I already have Aftershokz headphones so I can listen to music while swimming, which I adore.

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