A Mental Map for Kriti’s Landscape

We’d packed sandwiches, so after a bunch of bouldering about in Joshua Tree National Park, I ended up picking a nice flat rock up high to stretch out in the sun, enjoy my sandwich, read a little more _Memory of Empire_ (finished it last night, reading sequel now, like both very much), and do a quick sketch of a pile of interesting rocks. (That’s me in the first photo — pic taken by a friend on a rock across the way.)

Maybe this bit of terrain will make its way into a story someday — I could see much of my planet-undergoing-terraforming looking like this when the colonists land. Not a completely hostile environment, but a bit forbidding as landscapes go, and low on water. Between this and prior visit to Arches, Bryce, and Zion, I think I have a mental map of Kriti’s landscape. 🙂

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