Rooster and the Pig

Dinner last night at Rooster and the Pig (, which I’d definitely recommend if you’re eating in Palm Springs. Vietnamese-American — be aware that they don’t take reservations and you’ll likely have a wait — we came early, around 5:30, and still ended up waiting about 45 minutes, I think, and I think you’d have a longer wait if you came later.

BUT, they have an accompanying lounge right next door, where you can go in and fuel up with pre-dinner drinks, sitting down even, if you’re lucky, so that works out very nicely (and is a smart plan — I bet that’s more profitable for them than a larger restaurant would have been. Clever people).

It was a little dark for taking decent food photos, sorry about that. (Except for one pic taken with a phone as flashlight. 🙂 )

But I enjoyed:

– the Saigon 75 gin & passionfruit cocktail (refreshing, tangy)

– tea salad (fresh, crispy, loaded with flavor and umami, great starter, highly recommended)

– Vietnamese crispy rolls (ground pork, wood ear, jicama, glass noodles) — a little rich for me, I’m not so much a crispy roll fan generally, but they were tasty and well done

– salt and pepper calamari with a sriracha mayo dipping sauce (just a little spicy, kind of perfect)

– pork belly fried rice with Vietnamese sausage (tasty, but also a little rich and salty for me)

– panko-crusted chicken stuffed curry ball (this was fun, a giant ball arriving in a bed of coconut milk, but I probably wouldn’t get it again, as it’s mostly rice and crust, with a little chicken in the center; I’d rather have a mostly-protein curry)

– shaking beef (really liked the flavors in this! and the meat was tender and plentiful)

If I were going back, I’d definitely get the tea leaf salad and the shaking beef again, and then try out some of the other intriguing items on the menu. 🙂 But it was overall a yummy and varied meal. And those lanterns hanging in the lounge — totally charming!

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