Dawn in Palm Springs

Plan for today:

– woke up at 5 a.m. (because still on Chicago time, which is just fine)
– 5-6:30: chatted with Roshani (both of us half-awake), got up, threw on clothes, swung by 7-11 (because nothing else open) for chicken taquito and milk for coffee
– 6:30 – 7:15: travel blogging for yesterday
– write for two hours
– go for a morning swim
– write for another hour or two
– take the tram up to the peak and probably eat lunch in the restaurant up there

– write some more in the afternoon

If I can finish this checklist today, I’ll be wildly happy. But even if I get through half of it, that would be good. Well see!


JUMP SPACE (99% done):
– write interludes for Part One
– search for and integrate any remaining “Thin Air” crits
– start submitting “Thin Air” to magazines
– do clean-up edits from Pendragon writing group
– integrate Dan’s critique
– look at Jed JS book questions
– draft timeline (figure out dating system)
– draft family genealogies
– draft universe map

– give Jed Jump Space to look at

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