Lunch in Cafe Robey

We went down and had lunch in Cafe Robey — slightly pricey hotel food, unsurprisingly, but tasty. We could’ve walked around the neighborhood and picked up some tacos or Mediterranean food (was tempted to go to Sultan’s Market, which we went to a lot when we lived in this area), but it was chilly, and I didn’t feel up to walking in the cold.

Kevin had a cubano sandwich with salad, and I had the duck hash, which was rich enough that I could only eat half of it — nice with a glass of orange juice.

Kev has been very cautious about COVID throughout, so I think this was the first time we’d sat down in a restaurant and eaten together in quite a while — maybe two years? Weird! It was nice, and we had a good conversation over lunch. Somehow it’s different than just being at home together, even though we’re home together all the time. Different thoughts in your mind, in a different space.

At least right now, it’s still not very crowded in the restaurant midday on a weekday — we were easily able to sit several feet from any other diner, which was nice. I do know a colleague who recently caught COVID, and he’s pretty sure the only way he could have gotten it was when someone seated nearby in a restaurant started coughing heavily. (He’s vaccinated and boosted and doing fine, though.)

(more in next post)

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