Board Games With Kevin

We were at Robey Hotel from about noon to 5 — we’d brought along a few board games, and I ended up teaching Kevin Wingspan. I’ve been wanting to play more board games with the family, and if he can play too, that’ll make it easier to persuade the kids to come and play with us, I think.

We did run into one difficulty, though — Kev has been having eye trouble for a while now, and the doctors are working on it, but it’s still challenging. He’s having trouble with reading things that are too small or not enough contrast.

I know that’s likely to come to me too as we get older, but it’s making me realize that MANY of the board games I have utilize lots of cards with tiny print or low contrast. Jed is color-blind, so I was a little aware of this before, but it’s even more of an issue for Kevin. I may have to prioritize board game-buying in the future for games that don’t rely on such cards…

Do indie gamers produce big print edition cards? Maybe they should…

The other difficulty is that there was no table big enough to play on in the room, but we managed on the giant bed. 🙂 As we were leaving, we checked out the second floor lounge — that would’ve been a good choice, as there were several tables there suitable for board games. Also a pool table — if I’d realized that, I would’ve definitely made him play a game of pool with me!

We also did lie in bed and watch a rom-com, Long Story Short on Netflix, which was entertaining enough, but I’m afraid I can’t really recommend, as it was VERY predictable from start to finish; no real tension. Kind of a clever idea, and the main actress is super-cute and fun to watch, but it doesn’t really play out that interestingly as filmed. The main guy was pretty darn annoying too. Ah well.

(More in next post.)

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