Encouraging Impulses

I was mostly offline yesterday — Kevin had suggested actually doing something for Valentine’s Day, and since I think this was the first time in 29 years together that he’s suggested such a thing, I thought I’d best encourage such impulses. So I ended up clearing my schedule of meetings, and booked a day pass at a hotel in our old neighborhood of Wicker Park.

I only recently learned about the day pass option — it turns out a lot of hotels offer a 4-8 hr block during the day. If I’d known about it earlier in the pandemic, I might well have used it to take the kids swimming in a hotel pool, for example. Oh well! I used the website daypass.com, but I think there are a bunch of them.

This hotel is Robey, and it’s pretty snazzy. If you’re into cool architectural detailing, this is a good one for you! It’s at the intersection of Milwaukee, North, and Damen, so the heart of a bustling neighborhood with lots of restaurants and shopping.

(More in next post.)

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