75% Off Your First Winter Patreon Box

Whoops, I meant to post this yesterday — well, since I didn’t, I’m going to extend the deadline to midnight today, to sign up for the Winter Patreon boxes — that’s 75% off your first box!

I haven’t finalized everything that’ll be in the boxes (shipping by end of February, fingers crossed), but so far, I know that all tiers will receive the following:

• chocolate-vanilla rose decaf black tea (in a cute reusable glass test tube — nice for other tea, bath salts, tiny candies, etc.)
• “Caramel Loves Passionfruit” marshmallow
• chocolate-dipped strawberry marshmallow
• chocolate scones with cherry & orange
• Artist’s Valentine rose-cardamom iced cookie
• gingered red velvet crinkle cookie
• cranberry brownie roll-out heart cookie
• confections box: pomegranate chocolate roses, dragonfruit chocolates, cayenne-chocolates, rose & date Turkish delight, and probably one more confection TBD

• crocheted heart pin

Link in comments! Sign up for the lowest tier at $10 / month, cancel anytime.

(If you sign up after today, you’ll be looking at a Spring box for your first one, likely shipping a little early, in April, to try to beat the heat.)


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