Panel Brainstorming

Hey, I’d love some help with panel brainstorming — as we develop our benefits for members at the SLF, we’re tentatively planning at the SLF to host panel discussions on Zoom every Saturday at 2 p.m. CST. (with co-writing beforehand for those who want to join in).

We have a membership drive coming up in March, so we’re hoping to kick this off then. Some of these sessions will be free to the public, some will be either members-only or ticketed events (discounted to SLF members).

Here are my questions:

• what topics would you like us to cover in panel discussions this year? (think craft of writing, business of writing, culture of writing community, media discussions (like Marvel films, etc.)

• who would you be most excited to see on a panel? (Big names will take a while to schedule, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them.)

• should we aim for different ‘tiers’ of writers? I’m imagining something like the 1st Saturday of every month is ‘Welcome to Writing’ — something aimed specifically at beginners. And maybe the 3rd Saturday is an advanced session / masterclass of some kind?

Thoughts welcome! Dream big! 🙂

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