Under the Weather

Quick note to anyone I owe things to that I’ve been under the weather this week. Some random bug I picked up from Kavi (Kev and I just got back our mandatory PCR COVID test results, negative, so it’s not that). She missed two days of school last week with sore throat and general exhaustion, and that’s basically where I am now. I haven’t actually missed teaching, but I’ve essentially been lying in bed trying to stay awake anytime I wasn’t required to be upright and working.

I watched all of an 8-episode miniseries on Tuesday, Stay Close on Netflix. British show, based on a novel. Good suspense show, lots of twists. I figured out what was actually going on by about halfway through, but at this point, it’s really hard for TV shows to surprise me. I think like a writer, and so I can see all the seams. I’d still recommend it as engaging and interesting. Content note for graphic domestic violence (flashbacks throughout series), plus a graphic torture scene early on, which I closed my eyes for.

Now I’m re-watching Picard, which seemed like good preparation for season 2 dropping. Good comfort TV, even if there are a couple elements that are huge coincidences. Why should Deanna and Riker’s child be affected by a disease that’s connected to the synthetic ban? That’s just unnecessary, majorly coincidental, and seems designed to tug at the heartstrings in a particularly contrived way. I’m a little disappointed in Chabon for that, though I do like the series overall.

I’m actually super-bored with both watching television and playing video games at this point, and getting really tired of being sick. I am a terrible patient. Am going to try to get through some computer work from bed today, because it’s stressing me out being behind on things, but may end up sleeping a fair bit, esp. since I have a board meeting this evening that I have to be awake for. At least I can Zoom in for it; if I had to be there in person, I might have to call in sick instead, and I hate missing school board meetings. Too many critical decisions get made at each one.

Aryabhata says sleep whenever possible. All right, kitty. We’ll see what we can do.

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