A Whole Host of Things To Do

Oof, tired. But got through day of in-person teaching (high-energy, drained afterwards) and trudging around in snow (tiring, not used to it), and even the slightly overdue set of story edits I needed to send to Emily for my Tor.com story (exciting, and only took 45 minutes or so to do, but somehow I had put it off and put it off until the absolute last minute for no good reason — story will be out in March!).

I have a whole host of other things I’d like to do today, but my back is still twingy, so I have tucked myself up in bed with grocery store sushi and passionfruit mochi (my bribe for making myself do my edits tonight) and candles and tea, and I think I may just give myself a break and finally watch Encanto tonight. Everyone else in my family has seen it (while visiting the relatives), and I am getting tired of avoiding spoilers!

It was lovely seeing my munchkins in person for teaching today, though. I was a little giddy. 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know them all better!

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