A Corporate CEO Goober

I *may* have attended my 8 a.m. Plurality University board meeting (so early because they’re based in France) and turned off video / audio for a while when the director was giving his recap, so that I could simultaneously get in my 20 minutes of morning treadmill…

…and did that make me feel like a bit of a corporate CEO goober who is too full of herself? Yes?

But also, I got in my morning exercise and I feel good, so maybe this is just my life now? And honestly, I was a little sleepy sitting there listening, and walking on the treadmill woke me up again nicely, so I could pay better attention and ask good questions when he finished. (I did pause the treadmill periodically to jot down notes.)

If all my meetings could be walking meetings, I think I’d be happier. (Obv., this does not work for everyone! I am not advocating it for the world at large.)

This is my working treadmill set-up — I stuck a board across the arms and use a ribbon to tie my laptop on so it can’t slide off; Kevin also added some grippy pads to the board, which helps.

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