Task List for Today:

• exercise (minimum 20 minutes on treadmill) — DONE (30 min)
• finish grading and file grades (DUE TODAY) — DONE
• tell bookstore to order book for class — DONE
• book Santa Fe flight — DONE
• catch up on SLF Slack — DONE
• get groceries to get through week (salami for Anand’s lunch sandwiches, chips and such for plane, something else, dangit…) — HANDED OFF TO KEVIN

• do kids’ laundry for trip — HANDED OFF TO KEVIN

• respond to e-mails re: Santa Fe writing retreat, finalize details — IN PROGRESS
• clear at least 50 other e-mails (DAILY GOAL until caught up) — IN PROGRESS
• read manuscripts for writing workshop tonight (DUE)

• 7 p.m. — writing workshop

• catch up on SLF e-mails
• revise and resubmit Kickstarter
• check SLF Trello board and see what I’m forgetting

• post about MRAH podcast

• finish edits to Vegan
• make Vegan mango fluff and write recipe (if it’s good)

• check Serendib Trello board and see what I’m forgetting

• plant succulent cuttings

• water second floor plants

• finish sorting my laundry
• make list of what we’re missing re: winter gear and purchase, so we’re prepared when we come back from holiday travel

• check in with housesitter and schedule time to review tasks with them

• drop off winter coat(s) at dry cleaners
• write card and drop off treat bag

• winnow shoes and boots and coats and drop off at Brown Elephant

• write overdue Wild Cards blog post
• start drafting e-books for distribution in 2022
• revise Wild Cards story
• write some fiction? revise food essay?
• design and print Xmas cards?
• design and order photo books (2020 AND 2021)?
• try exercising with Supernatural VR again?

• go for a swim at Y in evening?

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