Lighting Candles Against the Darkness

I’m listening to Annalee Newitz‘s _Deep Futures_ podcast while I clean and decorate for today’s house party; it’s great company, if you’re looking for something historical and interesting and futuristic and weird. Second table all set up now for Alix Mikesell and her beautiful jewelry.

Kev and the kids and I waffled for a while about whether we wanted to put in the time to decorate for Christmas, and we still haven’t figured out if we’re getting a tree this year or not, since we’re going to be out of town for Christmas itself.

I mean, our housesitter might enjoy it, but a tree is a lot of effort, people, esp. the stringing of the lights, which I admit, no one in our family loves doing. There might not be a tree this year.

I honestly can’t remember if I decorated last year. We didn’t have a party, certainly. Did we get a tree? I was a little depressed that year, I think, and it’s possible we just…didn’t? I could check the blog and figure it out for certain, but much of that winter feels like a grey hole. We got through it.

This year, I’m glad we did some of the holiday decorating, at least. Even in this strange second pandemic year, it feels important to mark the changing seasons, to recognize that time is passing, and that even in the midst of stress and anxiety and uncertainty, it’s still worth pausing to celebrate.

Lighting candles against the darkness.

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