Mapping It Out

It’s become clear to me that I’ve still not done a good job of articulating what the Portolan Project actually is meant to be, and I think I need to sit down this afternoon and map it out more concretely, unpacking all the complicated ideas in my head and putting them on the page. Eep.

The thing is potentially huge, is part of the problem, but I’m trying to take it step-by-step so it doesn’t overwhelm me, and maybe that makes it seem boring and small, so I think maybe I need to at least draft a tentative map out loud, even if it’s a little scary to do that. Probably my SLF staff would appreciate it too. 🙂

I’d work on it now, but I’m going to have my tea and watch a little Gardener’s World, and then drive down to Hyde Park for brunch with Ada Palmer and Jo Walton. Will I pick their brains about some of the PP while I’m there? Yes, yes I will. But I will also just have a

lovely time seeing old friends; looking forward.

Is it convenient having a basement fridge full of sweets and fresh-roasted curry powder so I can pack up a little gift bag for my friends when I go visiting? Absolutely.

Cardamom & blood orange shimmered dragon cookies, vanilla chai meringue kisses, gilded dragonfruit, citrus & white pepper chocolates, dragonsmoke s’mores, cashew milk toffee, curry powder.

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