I Miss Chewing

Food that doesn’t require chewing that I have consumed today, a list:

• coffee with whole milk and sugar
• uppuma with the last of Roshani‘s shrimp curry sauce (no actual shrimp)
• a strawberry popsicle
• tea with whole milk and sugar
• a soft caramel
• soft white bread (not the edges), soaked in salmon curry sauce (no actual salmon), with hard-boiled duck egg yolk (not the whites)
• chocolate pudding (or more accurately, a little French pot de creme from Whole Foods which was quite delicious)

• a bag of puffy Cheetos, which I walked four blocks to get from the gas station convenience store because I was craving something salty

Still to come if I get hungry before bed:

• cream of mushroom soup
• more tea (decaf)

• maybe another popsicle

I miss chewing.

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