Tricky sleep stuff

Lexapro, day 4 — quick note that the sleep stuff is definitely a little tricky here. I tried taking it at bedtime yesterday, and I ended up not sleepy, didn’t fall asleep ’til close to 1 a.m. (usually I’m aiming for 9:30) — but that sometimes just happens, and may have nothing to do with the Lexapro. I’m wondering if taking it at dinner might make more sense, though. (I did sleep like a log when I finally got to sleep, though, waking up nicely refreshed, so that was pleasant.)

I also had a glass of wine yesterday — I’m not much of a drinker, but I was feeling a little stressed around late afternoon, so took a glass of wine to the pool to listen to some music and try to relax. The relaxing worked, but I then felt a little ill in the evening; I looked it up, and Lexapro and alcohol don’t mix that well.

The internet googling medical consensus (so take that with a big grain of salt, I am not a doctor, etc.) seems to be that it’s probably okay to have one drink if you’re a woman (two if you’re a man), occasionally, unless you’re finding that it makes you more depressive (which could potentially lead to suicide risk). I don’t think it made me depressive, but queasy is no fun either. So if I stay on this, well, less drinking for me I guess. Not such a hardship, since I don’t drink that much to begin with. Although I do have this cocktail recipe book to put together. Hm.

(A little annoyed with my doctor for not mentioning this when prescribing — seems important, given the suicide risk for some. Not sure this doctor (new) is a great fit; she’s nice enough, but seems harried and not very thorough.)

On the plus side, while I was lying in bed not sleeping, I figured out a bunch of writing stuff, and I think I have the structure for a little memoir piece / story. Haven’t decided yet whether to present it as nonfiction or fiction. Probably nonfiction. Though there’s a bit in there that might upset someone, which always worries me. But it was a really long time ago, and I think not a big factor in their life in any way, so it’s probably okay? We’re not in touch anymore, or I’d ask…sigh.

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