Little summer project

Little summer project — when we did the gut renovation on this house, eleven years ago, we bumped out the attic to make rooms for the kids. It was a big waffly decision, whether to put the kids on the third floor, or have our offices and guest room up there, and the kids on the second floor with us.

When we were adding the doors, we decided to give them glass panels, so we could easily check on them while they were sleeping. That worked well for a decade, but they’re old enough now that they’d like a little privacy. We had originally thought we might replace the plain glass with actual stained glass, but that’s quite expensive, and in a decade, we’re likely selling this house to some other family who might also want clear glass to check on their sleeping kids…so instead, we did window clings.

Kavi picked out a Dogwood pattern from Artscape, high quality — it looks really lovely. Anand’s room is currently space-themed, and I wasn’t able to find a high-quality space cling, but this one works well enough. They’re happy with them. 🙂

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