A Walk to the Lake

Kavi and I walked to the lake the first evening and just hung out there for a while. I asked her if she’d still hang out with her mom in a few years, or if she would be too cool for that. Kavi said I was pretty cool, so she didn’t think she’d ever be too cool to hang out with me. We’ll see what she thinks when she’s sixteen. 🙂 Still, it’s nice to know my teen thinks I’m cool.

I slept terribly the whole time I was at the camp, which was the only downside. I’m honestly not sure what to do about that — the cabin is air-conditioned, we stacked up the thin mattresses to make them thicker, I don’t think I was physically uncomfortable, I just couldn’t seem to get to sleep either night. Slept maybe 3 hours each, even though I’d been pretty physically exerted, which is terrible; I was kind of a wreck on Friday as a result. Maybe it was just a fluke; hope so.

Still, glad we went. One funny bit was that I had a board meeting on Thursday, so I closed myself into the small room (there are two rooms in the large cabins at Camp Bullfrog), hot-spotted my laptop to a phone, and attended the meeting.

Technically, apparently, you’re not allowed to attend board meetings remotely while you’re on vacation, but it’s allowed if you’re doing work travel. I actually did quite a bit of work earlier that day (e-mail, reading, writing), and I’m not sure I really know how to be ‘on vacation’ anymore without working. I work all the time.

I think the government needs to change their guidelines on whether you’re allowed to remotely participate in board meetings to fit the new era, especially post-COVID, now that remote work is so much more of a thing.

The board meeting was four hours, and somewhat frustrating in how it went, which I’ll post about another day; I don’t want to make myself annoyed again on my birthday. That might have contributed to the lack of sleep the second night, to be honest.

Maybe next time I go camping, I’ll try harder to completely unplug for a few days. Maybe.

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