RWA Nashville Retreat Notes: Some Time to Kill

Since I got in before the retreat officially started, I had a little time to kill, which in theory I could have spent writing, but per usual, I was a little exhausted from travel and my brain just wanted to vegetate, not write.

So I put on my suit and went for a quick swim. Just a couple of laps — this pool isn’t very large, and there were kids in it, which made lap swimming a bit challenging. There was a larger indoor lap pool right next to it, but it was not appealing to swim indoors when outdoors was an option. 🙂

I also spent a while wandering the space, trying to get the lay of the land. I do like all the waterfalls, and the passageway behind the waterfalls is charming too. It’s sort of funny that Gaylord Opryland has recreated a tropical environment in a place that isn’t actually tropical, but I’m not complaining.

I wasn’t actually lost, but I wasn’t particularly trying to get anywhere either. It’s quite big, and I do think this kind of space isn’t very disability-friendly for conferences. If you use a scooter, fine, there are ramps that are usually not too out of the way. But if you find it challenging to walk a distance, having to hoof it (perhaps with the aid of a cane) to get to lunch across the space and then back to your conference in time can be difficult. (Think Disneyland — this is mostly indoors with a glass conservatory roof, but similar in layout.)

If this is a concern for you, I think it’s definitely worth figuring out where the conference sessions will be held (Delta ballrooms here) and which wing of the hotel has the closest rooms (also Delta).

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