Travel Log: Getaway Barber Creek, Page 8/10

We had this idea that we might try to do one vegetarian or vegan day / week going forward. We haven’t actually started that yet, but when I was buying Italian sausages (which I knew they liked) for the grill, I tried getting some chicken sausage and some meatless sausages as well. I’m sorry to report that while we were all willing to eat the meatless sausages, they don’t actually taste or feel like sausages to us. Won’t try those again, I’m afraid.

We also cooked some mac-and-cheese on the stove to fill out the meal. If I’d been planning a little more, I would’ve brought veggies for the grill too, but that was a bit beyond me this time. I was wishing for corn, though.

After dinner, we did s’mores, of course. Kevin is very sweet about toasting marshmallows for the kids, when they don’t have the patience to do them right. (Kavi sets hers on fire; Anand just gives up in boredom when it’s half-cooked.)

We were done with that by 9-ish; the kids went inside to lie down in the loft and hang out together; Kevin and I sat by the fire (me with my hard cider that I’d brought along), and chatted for a while.

At Getaway, you’re asked to keep voices down outside, and by 10 p.m. you have to put your fire out and only be talking in your cabin. It’s a very quiet, retreat-y kind of space. We had to do a lot of hushing Anand earlier in the evening, because when he gets excited with a game, he gets loud and his voice really carries in the woods. So if you’re thinking of coming with kids, or with loud friends, factor that in. 🙂 We didn’t hear ANY sound from the other campsites.

At 9:45 or so, Kevin went back inside to hang out with the kids, but I stayed and stared at the fire for the last 15 minutes. I think I managed to actually not think about anything for fifteen whole minutes, which is the kind of meditative time I desperately need and am so bad at doing generally. I need more woods & more fire in my life.

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