A New Goal for Patreon

I am trying to get myself to write a little more (making sweets is distracting), and to help with that, have set a new goal on Patreon.

Now, I feel a little bad because the last goal, I promised to write another scene of a particular story, but instead, as I was writing, that story morphed into the Jump Space RPG, which is not quite the same thing, but hopefully my patrons enjoy that too?

But for this goal, I am only promising something I’ve already written, so there will be no opportunity for it to sneakily morph into something else. Did you know that I drafted 30K words of a Jump Space novel at one point, following on directly from the “Jump Space” short story? I did! And then I got distracted, and started working on something else (probably a cookbook).

So if I get sufficient patrons to get me to $500 / month (we’re actually pretty close right now), I will send all the patrons those 30K words, and they can tell me what they think. Maybe they’ll love it so much they’ll convince me to start working on it again? 🙂

• If people join at the $1 / month level, they get the knowledge that they are helping to motivate me, and I appreciate them greatly! You too can be a patron of the arts!

• If people join at the $2 / month level, they get new recipes e-mailed to them pretty close to weekly

• If people join at the $3 / month level, they get the recipes + “Story Bits” — various writerly things sent pretty regularly, including new adventure scenarios for the RPG

The “Jump Space” short story is here, if you want to read it before deciding if you want more: http://maryannemohanraj.com/science-fiction…/jump-space/


Currently at $457.83 of $500 per month: If we make this goal, not only will I get a load of serotonin from accomplishing a goal, BUT I’ll post 30K words of a Jump Space novel-in-progress. Not yet titled (would love feedback).

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