The Question Is Timing

Spent a little while just now looking at possible conventions for this year. If we have widespread immunization, even (dare I think it) sufficient numbers for herd immunity, or at least R dropping to below 1, AND I’m immunized, I think I’ll be comfortable going to cons again. The question is timing, really.

I’m sad about ICFA and WisCon, my two regular cons, March and May, but will not be attending in person (ICFA is virtual only this year, not sure what WisCon is doing.

• mid-July is RWA — that seems very uncertain to me
• mid-October is Big Bad Con (Bay Area, indie and tabletop gaming) — maybe?

• early November is World Fantasy (Montreal) — hopefully yes, right? I’d really love to go to this

What are y’all’s thoughts on conventions this coming year?

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