Headband + Scarf!

(I probably won’t actually wear these together, although you never know.) I used Spoonflower’s modern jersey for these, which worked well, and used their ‘fill-a-yard’ option to make it more affordable. The fill-a-yard makes two infinity scarves out of two yards of fabric, so I though I should be able to use one yard to make a head wrap and a shorter infinity scarf. Totally worked!

$26.50 / yard for the modern jersey, so call it a $20 scarf and a $6.50 head wrap? For custom fabric, that’s not unreasonable, I think. I mean, that’s if you know how to sew. If you’re also paying for someone to sew it up and send it to you, it’d cost somewhat more.

Sewing both of these (figuring it out as I went), took about 45 minutes total, I think. Would be faster next time! 🙂

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