Nothing but TV

I have done almost nothing but watch TV today (which hangs just over these candles…) , so am here to report that the Mandalorian season 2 was very satisfying (no spoilers, please), and I’m glad we stuck with it, because season 1 felt a bit slow for us. There are still more fight scenes than I find interesting, but that is unfortunately endemic to movies and TV shows these days, and if they ever make my SF into such things, they undoubtedly also want to spend at least 3/4 of the show on dramatic world-building expanses and fight scenes. But anyway, we still enjoyed it.

I’m now on episode 8 of Bridgerton, and am enjoying that too. If you liked Downton Abbey, check it out. Though I did rather hope for slightly more interesting racial reversal, etc. work from Shonda, but I guess that wan’t what she was going for, and I think it’s fine for what it is. Although I think Carnival Row was more interesting in that regard, using faeries and speciesism to explore race relations in Victorian times…

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