This was a new thing for me to try. Spoonflower requires that you proof fabric before you sell them, which I generally approve of, because I’m sure it cuts down on customers getting inferior products. But it can be a little expensive buying proofs. Luckily, they offer something called ‘fill-a-yard,’ which lets you proof 35 designs at once.

Of course, you need to have 35 designs ready to go, so the strategic thing to do is design a collection, and when it’s ready in a variety of patterns and colors, proof them all at the same time. I didn’t quite manage to be that organized, so I have some Starry Woods here, some Chess Battle, and some Tumbling Tardigrades.

There’s also the question of wastage, because now I have a whole bunch of squares of cotton that aren’t big enough for masks, and I’m not sure what to do with them. Stack them up and eventually learn how to quilt? Maybe I’ll just find a local quilter looking for scraps that I can pass them on to, because I’m not sure I need to start up another hobby… 🙂

I do have one longer stretch of the Starry Woods in the Midnight Blue pattern, because I ran out of things to proof. So I’m pretty sure I can come up with something useful to do with that.

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