2700 Words

22,000 to go. Ha ha. Time for a stretching break — maybe I’ll sew a tea towel. If I make it to 6000 or so tonight, I’ll be reasonably happy, I think. That’s about 3 more hours of writing. We’ll see how long my energy lasts.


“Say no more,” I put in, excitedly. “I see what you’re getting at. If I were to marry Reggie…”

“It would solve both your problems, exactly,” Rupa replied. “Your families would be delighted, and you could continue on your own merry ways.” She paused, then added discreetly, “I gather also that Lord Reggie’s family, while rich in titles is also slightly embarrassed of funds, and since your own family has done so well in the pickle business, and your mother would undoubtedly be thrilled at your acquiring a title…”


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