Poke Burrito

When you’re on a writing deadline and you need some serious fuel –and also a little indulgence, and also figure you should probably get the kids something too…Poke Burrito to the rescue:

– mango boba (just fun, with those little popping bubbles)
– fried shrimp tempura (indulgent, but I’m working hard, people…)
– steamed shrimp shumai (healthy comfort food)
– Jimmy’s creation poke bowl (with extra salmon, ’cause Mama needs her protein to get through this)
– edamame (green! packed with protein! healthy!)
– potstickers (for the 10-year-old, because he adores them)

– California rolls (for my 13-year-old, though I may have snuck two of them before taking this picture)

#takeout25oakpark #shoplocal

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