A Triumphant Return

Triumphant return with tree. I feel like this photo is iconic enough to be on a holiday card. 🙂 Just needs a light dusting of snow…

Was a little weird not taking Kevin and the kids with me, but we thought we should minimize outside contact, so it was just me, and as a result of not having Kevin’s moderating influence, I actually came home with a tree six inches too tall for our front room — but I have loppers, so took care of that problem.

And Kev helped get it in and into its stand, and then the kids helped haul up a bunch of green bins from the basement, and Kev and the kids took down Thanksgiving / fall (finally), and I’ve started putting up Christmas, and it’s starting feel rather winter holiday-ish, finally.

I was having a hard time motivating to decorate, with no party to host this year, but am trying to embrace the spirit of an intimate four-person family Christmas. Chill. We will be festive, in a relaxed, chill manner. I can do that, right?

(No, Mary Anne, you do not need to organize a cookie exchange or set up an outdoor hot chocolate party on the front lawn, really, you don’t… Just wait ’til spring. You can do something festive in March, when most of your friends will hopefully be immunized…maybe we’ll really do up St. Patrick’s Day in 2021…)

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