A Valiant Hunt for a Christmas Tree

Setting out valiantly to hunt down a Christmas tree. Usually we have ours up the day after Thanksgiving, because we have our holiday party early in December, but not this year, so I’ve been a little laggardly about it, and as a result, the YMCA half a block away is sold out! But I asked on the local mom FB group, and they assured me that the Rehm pool lot still had plenty of nice trees, and lo, it was so.

Please note festive mask (I really do love this hellebore mask, I get compliments on it while I’m out), and new gnome earrings, so charming. I just got some gnome fabric from Spoonflower, so I’m going to sew myself a coordinating mask the weekend, because I am almost done with my deadlines and determined to be festive as f*ck.

(Sorry for the swearing, Daddy! Pretend you didn’t read that bit. Just look at the cute earrings.)

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