Hey, SF/F folks

I’ll have a confirmed schedule of what panels I’m on tomorrow, I think, but a quick note that NASFiC’s virtual convention is FREE this coming weekend, so register! Look at the schedule once it’s posted! Put lots of interesting panels into your calendar to attend! And readings! And music! It’s going to be fun.

(NASFiC is the convention that America holds in the years when WorldCon is happening outside the U.S. I mean, it’s all a little wonky now that it’s all virtual and place isn’t a thing anymore, but hey, it’s FREE, which is the important thing.)

Home – Virtual NASFiC 2020

Dear Members, We have put a great team together to make this NASFiC totally VIRTUAL! In the next two weeks we will be solidifying those who are participating in the program, the Art Show, the Masquerade, the Dealer’s Room, and the writer’s Workshop, as well as who will be hosting club tables and parties.

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