When Shall We Gather Again?

Writing a dance scene, and oh, it hurts a little. When shall we gather again…?

“Within moments, they had taken their places, the drums were beating out the rhythm, fiddles joined in, and the familiar strains of a 4/4 march filled the open space. “They’re starting with Gay Gordons, Miss. You know it?” Oh yes. Maya slid comfortably into the allemande hold, the music skirled up, and off they went. Forward, turn, and back, repeat opposite, turn underneath Sandeep’s arm, and then he spun her in a quick waltz step, sending her skirts flying. Again, again.

Before long she was breathless, and every worry had been driven entirely away. Nuala’s face was bright across the firelight, and oh, Arjun had joined them after all, dancing the set with Leila. When the dance ended, they broke apart, and she thanked Sandeep for the pleasure…”


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