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Organizing classes takes time and executive function, and there is only so much of it I can do. If I were going to offer some online classes in the next month, which of these are you interested in? (mark all that interest you)

a) 45-60 minute cooking class (through Maram Makerspace)
b) 45-60 minute textile arts class (through Maram Makerspace) — beginner crochet, beginner knitting, mask sewing, etc.
c) 45-60 soap-making class (through Maram Makerspace)
d) 45-60 minute writing class (through the SLF)

e) 45-60 minute business-of-writing class (through the SLF)

$10 – $25 / class, sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds) I’m envisioning these as a mix of active instruction and everyone working on their own, asking me questions. I’m tentatively planning to pair them with a social hangout time afterwards, to mimic the convention experience, also for more Q&A, group bonding, etc.

This will be good practice for my fall classes too, and I’m hoping it’ll help me work out some bugs in advance of the semester starting.

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