Kavi’s Birthday Brunch

Brunch was milk or chocolate milk, croissants (one plain, one I spread with Nutella), jam. I used clean spice jars (which I have many of, since I make and sell my curry powder), and took some of Kevin’s Bonne Maman jam, (he likes it with yogurt in the mornings), mixing together strawberry & raspberry, and divided it into four portions. A little rich European butter, and we were good to go.

My original plan had been to order the Sunday croissant pack from local French restaurant Léa, which would’ve been easier and tastier, but they had sold out by the time I tried to order (it’s been a little hectic, and I forgot, sigh), but the girls were not picky, and I think we managed just fine.

I do still rather long for the Léa chocolate croissants, though, so we may need to get those for ourselves next Sunday…ordering BEFORE Saturday. 


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