Supplies for Kavi’s Party

Supplies for Kavi’s party came from Target and Jewel (local grocery store chain). I had planned to hit Pete’s or Whole Foods, which I thought might have a bigger selection of French treats, but by the time I went shopping last night, it was late enough that both were closed. And in normal days, we’d visit Party City, but I’m not even sure they’re open right now.

But the little dollar bin section at Target yielded lots of great supplies — little milk jugs and cute keychains and slim wallets (suitable for taking on a foreign birthday adventure), marbled paper plates, etc. and so on. And Jewel had French yogurt, European butter, fancy Fentiman’s rose lemonade, baguettes and cheeses, and plenty of sweets.

(I’d ordered a 4-pack of inexpensive red-and-white checked tablecloths on Amazon in advance.)


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