Cheese Samplings

Cheese sampling for the four girls for lunch. (It was going to be cheese and salamis, but one of them is vegetarian, and it just didn’t seem as good to have three of them eating things one of them didn’t have.) Kevin was helping me pack up around 1 a.m. last night, and asked whether we couldn’t just put the cheeses in Ziploc bags. No, no, dear. We cannot. Do you even know whom you married? 

I was glad that we had red-and-white striped string and little cellophane bags with twist ties already on hand from Serendib treat box packaging; made it easier! Used parchment paper to wrap the cheeses, and I admit, I would have totally just taped them, but I didn’t have tape that would adhere to the parchment paper. I was forced to be charming, really!


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