Setting up Shopify

Tentative heads-up for next flash sale. Not exactly a flash sale? This week, Stephanie is setting up Shopify for me, so it should make it much easier to order books, etc. from me directly going forward. (And let me just say, it astonishes me that she manages to get any work done at all with two small kids at home in the midst of all this.)

But we’re hoping to have it up soon, and then will be taking orders for Mother’s Day — order by Sunday May 3 to ensure shipping out by Tuesday May 5, in time for delivery (within the U.S.) before Mother’s Day. If you comment here, I’ll be sure to tag you in when the store is ready.

Books (cookbook, romance, sci-fi), pretty botanical soaps and bath salts, sweet treats, postcards, woot! Down the line, also more paper goods (cards, bookmarks), and who knows what else. I love the idea of having a Serendib line of…stuff. 

However, having too many options makes it very complicated and confusing for me, and sometimes I make mistakes. For example, this month I very sadly included a complimentary (but accidental) scented bath scrub in a food-only package recently, which ended up going to someone with scent sensitivities, AND the darn thing leaked (I won’t be using those tins again!), ruining her entire package. I’ve apologized and will be either refunding or giving her a free package in the next batch (her choice), but I feel so bad for the disappointment. I don’t want to risk doing that again!

The tentative plan is to do four basic packages:

– medium food treats only
– medium food & bath treats
– large food treats only
– large food & bath treats

With add-on options:

– curry powder
– books (Perennial, The Stars Change, Feast) (signed and/or personalized, of course, if desired)
– fabric mask (possibly)
– Feast postcards

I’m hoping that isn’t too complicated for me. (The Shopify platform will, I think, make it easier, since we can print off organized lists.) Executive function is not at its best right now — I’ll be so happy when Stephanie can come back to my house to help me make sure that the right things go in the right packages. But maybe I can talk Kavi into helping me with it this time around. She’s a smart cookie.

This morning’s batch of soaps are rose and passionfruit, 2/3 shea butter and 1/3 pure glycerin. Limited supplies of all these goodies, as I’m still hoping to spend at least half of my days writing & teaching. 

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