Must Have a Cold

I think I must have a cold — I was tired yesterday and woke up tired today, and Anand has also been tired and falling asleep at odd hours the last two days, and there’s no reason to think it’s Covid-19; we’ve really been very isolated and pretty careful, and yet, it’s hard not to wonder. But we don’t have fevers, etc., so I think just some stupid cold, or maybe even spring allergies — everything is blooming all over.

The end result is that I’m having a very hard time motivating to work. I spent the morning on a few e-mails, but mostly readingĀ Jenn Reese‘s lovely middle-grade novel, A Game of Fox and Squirrels; I recommend it to you. There’s some tough stuff in there, so parents might want to read it before passing it on to kids. I found it very sweet, honest, magical, and heartening. (Swati Avasthi, some thematic resonance with your _Split_, so possibly of interest.)

And Jenn, the page with the first mention of ‘house rules’ — it made me cry. Good job. A really wonderful book all around.

Going to take it easy the rest of today, I think. If all I do is answer a few student e-mails and read some more, that’s fine. If I keep telling myself it’s fine, maybe eventually I’ll believe it…


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