Sugar Cookies for the ICU Staff

I haven’t made sugar cookies in quite a while, and oh, when you don’t do things for a bit, you forget all the little technique tricks — or maybe that’s just me. I got pretty frustrated trying to ice these cookies — first the icing was too thick and wouldn’t come out cleanly, then I added too much hot water and made it too thin, which made a big mess. Sigh.

Finally I got it just right, and it was so easy after that, though it means my end results are very far from professional in neatness. I should’ve taken a few minutes to get the consistency right before trying to ice! But in the end, happy enough with how they came out, and hopefully the ICU staff will appreciate them.

At least this way, it’s clear they’re homemade, right? 

Thanks, healthcare workers. I wish I could feed you all cookies.

Sugar cookie recipe from Sweetopia (and yes, use the real vanilla bean, it makes a difference), royal icing recipe from Alton Brown.

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